Voice Control

Why walk…

During an average shift, a machine operator “hikes” more than 1 km to the control unit to make corrections or similar adjustments.

This calculation is based on approximately 8 to 12 job changes per shift and a bending lenght of 3100 mm.

The distance is equivalent to roughly 330 lined-up Xpert 150/3100 machines.

This equals approximately 2 hours per shift or 15 minutes per hour, during which the operator’s time is taken up by walking.

During these 2 jours, the operator coild be producing additional parts.

… when you can talk?

Talk prdouctivity – reduction of non-productive time and unnecessary walking distances.

The voice control allows the 17 most important operations to be input directly by voice via the headset.


  • Adjustment of angles, upper beam position and speed
  • Opening and closing of clamps
  • Navigating through the ByVision Bending menu
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