Trust Pack Fiber

Trust Pack Fiber

Bystronic has expanded the existing warranty on the BySprint Fiber laser with a new service package.

Innovative technology, outstanding quality and excellence in service, are what Bystronic are renowned for. A new special service for customers with a fiber laser cutting machine is now available, it is the Trust Pack Fiber. Bystronic has expanded the existing warranty on the BySprint Fiber with a credit package which is transparent, predictable and without risks.

Customer Benefit

Bystronic offers a full warranty on the BySprint Fiber for the first year as before.

Starting in the second year a customer with Trust Pack Fiber will get a credit note of 100% of all high value parts of the laser source. This includes laser power modules, combiner, control, feeding fiber, and cutting head (without consumables such as nozzles, nozzle body, protection glass…). As of the third year the credit note for high value parts of the laser source will be 50%. In the fourth year Bystronic finally overtakes 25% of the costs on such high value parts. Every customer can profit from this trust package, there is no investment needed.

Trust Pack for high value fiber source parts, NEW parts

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