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Xcite 80 E

Xcite 80 E

An electric pressbrake that works both quickly and reliably whilst also being attractively priced

  • More parts are produced and jobs completed in quicker time, in comparison to other comparable pressbrakes. This is possible due to the modern drive system utilised, combined with the hydraulic tool clamping system, flexible fast back gauge system, and simple machine operation
  • The Force Dynamic Drive (FDD) system provides speed, power and constant pressure along the entire bending length, whilst also ensuring that minimal deflections occur in both the upper and lower beam. Parts are therefore completed quickly with consistently high quality
  • Xcite is of high build quality providing long lasting performance. This ensures that precisely formed parts leave your company on time due to the corresponding bending work being completed reliably
  • Parts are formed at a low cost due to the Xcite being priced attractively both in its initial purchase price and also low maintenance costs in the future
  • Xcite is versatile. Optimal use is achieved when forming small and thin parts, but it is also adept at bending thicker parts, and also large batches with high speed

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Key technical values

Xcite 80 E
Tonnage 80 t
Bending length 2050 mm
Open height 550 mm
Standard stroke 150 mm


Technical Data Xcite 80 E (PDF 234 KB)

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