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ULO Optics Lenses

ULO Optics Lenses

Focusing Lenses, Replacement Lenses for Flat-Bed Cutters

ULO Optics’ spherical lenses are available as focusing lenses and negative lenses. Both meniscus lenses and plano-convex lenses are typically used in high pressure cutting applications, depending on the laser manufacturer.

  • Drop-in replacement lenses for all major lasers worldwide, including Trumpf, Bystronic, Amada, Mitsubishi, Rofin, LVD, Masai, Ferranti
  • Optimized meniscus and plano-convex designs
  • High quantity production
  • Coated with either standard or UltraLO AR coating

Plano-Convex Lenses

Many laser systems have been designed to use plano-convex lenses as the standard focusing element. Some customers also prefer to use our plano-convex lenses at longer focal lengths where the spot size differential compared to meniscus lenses is less of a factor.


Meniscus Lenses

Meniscus lenses form the largest and most popular part of ULO Optics’ product range. Optimum meniscus lenses minimise the spot size which in turn increases power density

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ULO Optics




Part Number Diameter [mm] EFL [mm] FFL [mm] ET [mm]
Standard Coating
VTE500 38.05 126.9 120.8 7.4
VTE750 38.05 190.9 185.5 7.4
15BYS127 38.05 127.1 120.0 9.0
15BYS190 38.05 190.7 183.8 9.0
With UltraLO AR coating
VTE500UL 38.05 126.9 120.8 7.4
VTE750UL 38.05 190.9 185.5 7.4
15BYS127-UL 38.05 127.1 120.0 9.0
15BYS190-UL 38.05 190.7 183.8 9.0

UltraLO Anti-Reflection

UltraLO optics are specifically fabricated for use in the growing family of CO2 lasers with output powers in excess of 4kW.

  • UltraLO absorption < 0.15%.
  • Hygroscopic materials have been eliminated from the coating design enabling UltraLO lenses to maintain low absorption in storage and in high humidity environments.
  • UltraLO lenses will handle the same high power as conventional lenses but with less optical distortion and a smaller focal length shift.
  • The lower absorption of the UltraLO lenses can lead to longer lens lifetime.
  • UltraLO lenses will trasmit a red aiming beam.

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