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Second hand lasers:



With the LaserQC ® advanced vision inspection machine, first article inspection of flat parts is quick, accurate, and automated. Designed specifically for the sheet metal industry, LaserQC® cuts first article inspection time to seconds, makes reverse engineering simple, improves efficiency, and reduces errors. The program can automatically collect inspection results evaluating SPC (Statistical Process Control) methodology.

  • Samples thousands of points for 100% inspection of all parts. This reduces the time it takes to locate errors in the fabrication process, minimizing costly work and scrap. First article inspection is reduced as much as 95%.
  • Inspection reports can be automatically generated. Reports can be produced to provide full documentation including color comparisons, dimensioned CAD drawings, and help meet ISO 9000 requirements.
  • Non-contact inspection produces color-coded readouts accurate to ± 0 .002 ” for 2D inspection and ± 0.010 ” for AFM which eliminates the errors of traditional measuring instruments. Rework and scrap are dramatically reduced.
  • Maximize digitizing resources by using reverse engineering to quickly convert your scanned parts into CAD models.
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