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Second hand lasers:

BySpeed Pro 3015

BySpeed Pro 3015

The premium model works in a highly dynamic manner. Also available as a fully automatic cell

  • Excellent productivity and unbeatable parts production across the entire range of sheet thickness even with the basic model
  • Changing focal length, changing the nozzle, and nozzle alignment can be automated. This enables increased machine autonomy and necessary operator intervention is reduced to a minimum
  • Modularly expandable with the automation building blocks ByTrans (loading and unloading), ByTower (storage) and BySort (removal, sorting and stacking); thereby enabling flexible and lightly-manned operation as well as substantially reduced operating costs
  • Low operating costs thanks to wear-free semiconductor excitation and wear-free magnetic bearing compressors

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Key technical values

Nominal sheet size 3000 x 1500 mm
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 169 m/min
Maximum axis acceleration 30 m/s2
Operation with touch screen and manual control unit yes


Technical Data Byspeed Pro (PDF 1MB)

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